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Message from our Patron


Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Puteri Puan Sri Dato Sri Jawahir Binti Al Marhoum Tuanku Jaa’far


As the patron of Sapphire Kidz, it is an honour for me to share some inspiring words with everyone especially parents of special needs children. 

As parents, teachers, and caregivers of special needs children, you are well aware of the many challenges facing the special needs community. Decisions are required on prioritizing developmental growth every day, providing the best help and therapy and also making sure the children will grow and can survive in the real world.

Children have always had a special place in my heart. And now it has been a primary concern for me to raise public awareness of the importance of providing the best help for special needs children as they deserve to receive the proper care and education to ensure a brighter future.

Sapphire Kidz commitment in this area is indispensable and inspirational particularly coming from a dedicated team that makes available the best help for the children by providing them with the appropriate education in giving priority to their developmental growth.

I have personally met and engaged with the students here from time to time. The children have touched my emotions as they are gentle, intelligent and genuine human beings. I am proud to witness their development over time, as they always surprise me with new skills and ability in adapting to their surroundings.

Sapphire Kidz is an institution for education that is safe, constructive and equipped with suitable facilities and programs to assist the children in their development regardless of their social background and level of disability. The dedicated team members are sincere, compassionate and aim to support these children grow into functional individuals able to adapt to society. 

Sapphire Kidz has grown in strength since its inception, I believe it is only possible because of the determination and dedication of its teachers, under the leadership of Ms. Tabitha De Silva. 

I see the facilities provided at the school propelling and expanding. It shows that Sapphire Kidz is always progressing and improving its programs and heading in the right direction and receiving the trust of the community.

In conclusion, I would like to add that helping special needs children, is a challenging task that requires strong commitment, consistent action and the involvement of many people. Together we can achieve great results to improve the lives of these children and their families.

I highly recommend Sapphire Kidz as the centre for the education and all-round development of your special needs child.

Our Chief Consultant Dr. 'Susan O'Rourke'

Dr. Susan earned her doctorate in Instructional Design & Technology and a master's degree in Special Education from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

She specializes in the teaching and learning of children with autism spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities and children with social, emotional and behavioral disorders. Her current research focuses on the power of the Arts to transform learning environments for children with special needs. 

Our Approach

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We deliver a comprehensive package of care and education, which includes:

  • A tailored curriculum carefully structuring each element of our student’s education for their individual needs.
  • A well developed written IEP for each student, compiled by a collaborative effort between class teacher and parent, to improve educational results.
  • A stimulating environment where the child can actively participate in social, creative, intellectual and cognitive experiences and in doing so, develop to  his/her full potential.  
  • Recognizing that each child is a unique individual who learns at his/her own pace and in his/her own way.
  • Small class sizes for personalized teaching, innovative teaching strategies and strong therapeutic provision to support students.
  • Developing and maintaining quality relationships among students, staff and parents.  

A Note From The Principal

Ms. Tabitha De Silva


Here at Sapphire kidz we strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children in our care. During their time with us, we encourage individuality, creativity and instill confidence in all of our Gems.

''Our philosophy is that every child has a right to education and to live a meaningful and purposeful life''

Staff work closely with children to scaffold and extend their learning in education. Each day will be filled with fun and exciting opportunities to help your child develop academically, socially and spiritually. 

We look forward to all that we will accomplish together in the New Year as we work to build a foundation for your child's future. 

''Your child! precious like a gem''

About Ms. Tabitha de Silva,

Tabitha has over 12 years of experience into Special Needs Education in Malaysia and with the Qatar Foundation in the State of Qatar. She was a part  Awsaj Academy, A specialized school that addresses the needs of students with mild to moderate learning challenges . In 2017 she decided to return to Malaysia to help children in Malaysia and Sapphire Kidz was born.


Tabitha De Silva, Principal & Director

Your Child, Precious Like A Gem!

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'Every child has a right to education and to live a meaningful and purposeful life'.

We believe that each child deserves an education that fits his or her needs best. To develop unique potential and to develop skills necessary to have an independent functional life.

Therefore, we decided to focus our programme on younger children or children which don't have the necessary skills to be admitted in a ''school set up'', or many times shown away because of poor attention skills, low sitting-tolerance or the fact that they are not 'toilet trained'. 

We use the 'Essential Skills Development Programme', which:-

  • Can lead to improved independence.
  • Be better prepared for schooling.
  • Be more receptive for academic learning/formal teaching.

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