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Developmental Specialist

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Melissa Ratkovich-Ong

She  holds a B.A. & S. Special Education/ Elementary Education (Hons.) from Lewis University, USA.  Melissa has 16 years working experience with differently abled people and she is the founder of Learning and Development. 

She is a Special Education teacher and a ®Relationship Development Intervention Program Certified Consultant, who used to teach children with autism and learning difficulties in a private school in Kuala Lumpur. Relationship Development Intervention is a family-based therapy program that helps families and loved ones on the autism spectrum. Melissa Ratkovich-Ong has 7.5 years’ experience with special needs children as a certified Relationship Development Intervention consultant. RDI is a parent-based intervention designed to remediate core deficits in dynamic thinking, mindfulness, problem solving and communication. 

Prior to teaching, Melissa worked 6.5 years as a Direct Support professional in America, providing Respite services for families who had loved ones with special needs. She acts as a part-time public speaker for autism and other learning difficulties. 

EIP Classroom Teacher

Autism centre, school for special ed, special children, special ed school, therapy centre Malaysia

Kavishalinee, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Kavishalinee Pillay holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University and also a Diploma in Special Education. She has 5 years’ experience in the field of Special Education, working with Malaysian Care as well as private centers. 

She is a special education teacher who has experience working with children between 5 to 12 years old, with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Global Developmental Delay and Learning Disabilities. On top of that, she also has years of experience in planning and implementing various social activities for parents and general public. 

Kavishalinee also coordinates and conducts lessons using appropriate strategies, resources and methods to support individual development needs of children.

Music Therapist


Asako Mitani (Music Therapist)

Bachelor in Sociology, Meiji Gakuin University

Masters in Education for Special Needs, Meisei University

Completed training to be a Music Therapist, Nihon Fukushi Kyoiku College (Japan Welfare and Education College) 

Certified Music Therapist registered under Japanese Music Therapy Association 

Music Therapy is the therapeutic use of music. This encompasses  reducing anxiety, improving cognitive function, promoting physical motor skills, or enhancing  interpersonal communication. I decided to become a Music Therapist because I want to work with people who really need music but lack the opportunity. 

The study I undertook encompassed  a wide field ranging from Music Therapy for dementia, depression, parkinson, physical disabilities and adolescents with mental cognitive challenges. 

Upon graduating, I went on with internship for children with special educational needs. 

It was from there that I made a decision to specialize in special needs children. 

Therefore I furthered with a master degree on education for special needs. (Meisei University)

I have been working in hospitals, and also special needs children and family support centers, as a Music Therapist ever since. 

We as therapist have seen the positive impact music therapy have on the children.

The sessions allow them to grow and explore various skill sets, while being immersed in fun. It is further gratifying when parents resonate with smailes.

I am thankful to Sapphire Kidz for providing me an opportunity to start Music Therapy at their centre, I am excited & can't wait to start. 

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Child Psychologist

Autism, school for special ed in KL, special children, special needs school, therapy centre Malaysia


She has a Master's degree in Child Psychology from UCSI University. She has experience in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) , CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), BT (Behavioral Therapy) and cognitive, behavioral and developmental assessment of children and adolescents such as WISC-IV, DP-3, DST-J, TAT, BASC-3 and FBO.

She is dedicated to fostering a safe environment and working with children to enhance their unique way of learning while developing their social, emotional skills which is vital in real life.

Assistant Teacher

Autism, school for special ed in KL, special children, special needs school, therapy centre Malaysia

Michelle Joy

Hi there, my name is Michelle. As a child i had very bad accident and that caused me to be deaf and now i use a hearing aid. However that did not stop me from being positive and showing love for teaching especially towards Special Needs Children. 

I have 4 years working experience in Special Needs  and i am especially good at Arts & Crafts, i do hold a diploma in Graphic Design and 3D programming.  Overall i have 14 years of experience in teaching Arts & Crafts. 

I am happy to be a part of Sapphire Kidz.

Yoga For Special Children


Harsha Chauhan (Yoga Teacher)


Born in London of Indian descent, I’ve lived in Asia for 12 years. I hold a Masters degree in Public Health Education. I am a certified adult and children’s yoga teacher and was very lucky to learn “Yoga for the Special Child” under the pioneering yoga therapist, Sonia Sumar, who has developed her system over the last 40 years. I look forward to working with your child!  

We would like to invite your child to try free weekly yoga classes@ Sapphire Kidz

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